Monday, November 15, 2010

Pre-Cataclysm Launch Quests: Prophecies of Doom

If you've been around any of the capital cities in Azeroth lately, you'll notice things have begun to change at a much faster pace. Not too long ago we saw mysterious devices around, a couple cultists here and there, and the beginning of a prophecy of doom by certain deranged folk. And heck, we even went into disguise to try to find out why these Doomsayers suddenly made their appearance. I have to admit, I found the the event then to be lacking in any urgency or real threat...but that seems to have changed now. The cultists are infiltrating Stormwind more fiercely, and are determined to carry out their evil plan. Worry and security have gone to another level! This time around, I found myself searching Stormwind Citizens, arresting Cultists, battling elements, and coming face to face with a Twilight Seeker on an obsidian dragon. Here are a few snapshots to capture these troubled times.

Citizens halted at the Stormwind Gate and searched for suspicious items.

Escorting the arrested infiltrators to the Stockade. 

Another mention of a prophecy of doom...

Face to face with a Twilight Seeker after the tablets found by Brann Bronzebeard.

Hurrah! The tablets are safe!

The Throne of Elements in Nagrand shows the elements restless and disturbed. Thrall , on leave from Orgrimmar, searches for answers here.

Aggra refers to Thrall by his birthname, Go'el. I found this to be interesting wrap-up to their conversation...and it would seem that the time is indeed, fast approaching. 

More to come as the event unfolds! In the meantime, listen to the wind my friends. They speak of change and danger...

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