Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Cookie and an Update

The last few weeks of raiding have been immensely fun for me and I'm a huge fan of how the druid tier set looks. A couple yummy resto pieces finally dropped that now make the electrifying blue druid! Here's a short update on all the good stuff that's been going on and what I'm working on for future posts.

Told you I look super might be time to change my hair colour so I don't completely blend in! Anyways, thanks to my awesome guildies I've been sporting some really cool pieces: Omnotroners finally saw fit to drop Passive Resistor Spaulders for me and now my shoulders match the rest of my outfit; and our very first journey to Cho'gall was marked by one of his minions dropping Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending. A very happy tree here!

Speaking of Cho'gall...
On our very first meeting two things happened: a) it was unanimously agreed upon that he was...well....hideous...and needed to go down before anyone else b) as we took him on, the first thing he did was to put the corruption bar smack dab in the middle of my raid frames. Ha! But yes indeed Cho'gall is on the list and it won't be long before he shall meet his doom - nobody messes with my raid frames.

In the works is my healing write-up on the Ascendant Council. It's a really fun yet challenging fight - one of those encounters I'll never find boring. After three successful encounters I feel like I have a solid healing strategy to take them down with. Also in the works is my current quest of "what-to-do" outside of raiding this expansion...and I may just have found something I enjoy...stay tuned and thanks for reading! =)

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  1. I too love that druid set! Those shoulder's are to die for!